Friday, October 29, 2010

Keep 'Em Coming!

I am unable to attend the Fall Quilt Market this weekend in Austin since I am 33ish weeks pregnant-I decided that I wouldn't let it stop me from ordering fabrics, so here are some additional fabrics I just ordered that should ship next week.
I also received the new Riley Blake catalog and am love with quite a few of the collection coming out next year-I guess we'll just have to wait to see them in person together-Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming Soon!

These fabrics are on their way and should be in store in the next few weeks....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a Great Idea

I follow The Modern Polka Dot Blog(she created my graphic for me) and thought I'd share this with everyone because I thought it was such a great idea and even if you don't take her up on her offer, maybe it will compel you to do some good out there.

Basically in synopsis this is her offer...

So I am going to offer a FREE Christmas card, here is what you need to do....
1. Pick a family or person who is in need. Maybe a single mom, struggling family, etc.
2. Do something nice for them. Make them dinner, buy toys or blankets for needy children, some type of service to someone who is in need. Really going out of your way to help someone in need.
3. Take a picture of what you did...ex. the cookies you made, the service you did.
4. Email me the picture and explanation of your service along with which Christmas card you would like you can find HERE. Please send me the wording and pictures you would like in your card.

Check out her BLOG for more info or if you'd like to 'follow her' and stay updated with all of her great designs.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

If you're anything like me-the idea of conversions and numbers and math just makes your stomach a little uneasy-pretty weird considering I deal with measurements every day, but it is what it is.

So I thought I'd include this little conversion chart for your reference just incase you ever need it.

Converting Measurements
Yardage = Inches = Meters
1/8 = 4 1/2" = .114
1/4 = 9" =.229
1/3 = 12" =.304
3/8 = 13 1/2" = .343
1/2 = 18" =.457
5/8 = 22 1/2" = .572
2/3 = 24" = .610
3/4 = 27" =.686
7/8 = 31 1/2" =.8
1 = 36" =.914
Fat Eighth 9"x22" .229x.56
Fat Quarter 18"x22" .457x.56

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To

So I realize I haven't posted much lately and I want to apologize...the business of life seems to have caught up to me and I needed some time to reorganize and get things going again. I've been busy with my fingers in about a million little and big projects. I took some pics of some of the projects I 've finished this past week as well as some I'm still working on. I finally got around to making some of those burpcloths that I posted the tutorial on and they're fabulous-I'm going to bring some to the Fundraiser/Craft Show I'm going to this Sat. There are also a variety of other items I am making...portable changing pads, travel blankets, pacifier clips and a few other things if I find the time.

Finished Pile
Not So Finished Pile
I've also been trying to find the time to work on this chair. I was given it by a friend and I immediately ripped of the upholstery fabric. I then sanded it and painted it brown-it was black previously-sorry no pic of that. But now I am debating whether this will be a display chair or a functional office chair which will determine how I deal with the upholstery.
Hope you have had a productive few weeks!

Also if all goes as planned I may have some exciting news come Sat...stay tuned

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Handmade Gift Idea

We carry the pattern for these "HAPPY FEET" in the store

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Craft Supply Swap!

So along the way I forgot to post on the blog about our upcoming Craft Supply Swap. I am super excited about this because it gives me an excuse to clean out our loft of all of my unwanted craft supplies(makes my husband happy too) plus we all get to come together and leave what we don't want and take home some new treasures-perfect timing for the holidays!

So here are the details...
Drawstring Studio Fabric & Design

Craft Supply Swap

Thurs Nov 4 6-8pm

Participants must drop off their items by October 31st. Please have items in a paper or plastic bag

Items that can be included in your drop off: Fabric, notions, trim, yarn, felt left over pieces from that project that you never made, etc.

Do Not Include: Dirty, Stained or damaged items, hazardous items etc. Please use your best judgement.

You will receive a free admission ticket when you drop off items for the Swap.

Take as much or as little as you want-all remaining items will be donated.

Light snacks will be provided and 30% off all

in-stock fabric one night only for participants.

Hope you can make it-you can also RSVP on our FB page HERE