Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Been a Sad Sad Week

Just this week alone I've come across three, yes THREE independent fabric stores that are/have closed their doors. this both scares and saddens me. Two of the stores were online and another brick and mortar.

One of the stores, in Houston, was a store that I immediately feel in love with the style and ideas...drop-in crafting area and more. This saddens me, especially for the Houston store and makes me wonder if people are really out there supporting their local and/or independent businesses as much as we all say. And I can say 'we all' because I am one of those 'we all'. I do support local businesses and shop at a local grocery store and the farmers markets in spring/summer/fall, but I'm also first to admit that Target probably has more of my money than anyone or anyplace out there and sometimes that drive through at Starbucks is so much more convenient than getting the kids out of the car for a quick coffee. But if I'm going to share these great ideals I have about shopping independent stores and spending local whenever possible I need to act that way.

So for the month of February I am not going to Target...WHAT??!?!?! Is that even possible for me? Well I'm going to seriously try and hope that the big ol' bullseye sign doesn't drag me in. Hopefully after that month I will have gotten into a new routine sans Target and will have grown accustomed again to visiting to local places in my area...and maybe even have met some new business owners like myself.

As a small business owner myself I need to do what I can to keep the small businesses that I love in our area-I am currently taking for granted that they are there.

On a completely different note...Dr Suess is coming to the store next week! Well a few themed fabrics are anyways...a customer is doing her nursery in a Dr Suess theme and there is a great new collection out that she picked a few fabrics from. It's taken a bit longer to get here than I would have liked(which is a whole other story-good customer service is sometimes hard to come by-even though you specify I need this right away)...but those fabrics along with some others will be gracing the shelves next week. I'll post pics soon.

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