Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a Great Idea

I follow The Modern Polka Dot Blog(she created my graphic for me) and thought I'd share this with everyone because I thought it was such a great idea and even if you don't take her up on her offer, maybe it will compel you to do some good out there.

Basically in synopsis this is her offer...

So I am going to offer a FREE Christmas card, here is what you need to do....
1. Pick a family or person who is in need. Maybe a single mom, struggling family, etc.
2. Do something nice for them. Make them dinner, buy toys or blankets for needy children, some type of service to someone who is in need. Really going out of your way to help someone in need.
3. Take a picture of what you did...ex. the cookies you made, the service you did.
4. Email me the picture and explanation of your service along with which Christmas card you would like you can find HERE. Please send me the wording and pictures you would like in your card.

Check out her BLOG for more info or if you'd like to 'follow her' and stay updated with all of her great designs.

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