Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To

So I realize I haven't posted much lately and I want to apologize...the business of life seems to have caught up to me and I needed some time to reorganize and get things going again. I've been busy with my fingers in about a million little and big projects. I took some pics of some of the projects I 've finished this past week as well as some I'm still working on. I finally got around to making some of those burpcloths that I posted the tutorial on and they're fabulous-I'm going to bring some to the Fundraiser/Craft Show I'm going to this Sat. There are also a variety of other items I am making...portable changing pads, travel blankets, pacifier clips and a few other things if I find the time.

Finished Pile
Not So Finished Pile
I've also been trying to find the time to work on this chair. I was given it by a friend and I immediately ripped of the upholstery fabric. I then sanded it and painted it brown-it was black previously-sorry no pic of that. But now I am debating whether this will be a display chair or a functional office chair which will determine how I deal with the upholstery.
Hope you have had a productive few weeks!

Also if all goes as planned I may have some exciting news come Sat...stay tuned

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