Monday, November 7, 2011

4 Days.....that's how long I lasted on the cleanse. Yup I welcomed coffee back into my life-with pretty open arms too. I did realize a few things in those 4 days.....I already eat a lot of vegetables and not a large amount of dairy or meat so I think it may have been a bit easier on me than people that have those two categories as staples in their lives. I just didn't have it in me....I caved pretty quickly and I'm ok with that. I did learn to make a green smoothie that I enjoyed.....zucchini, banana, some coconut milk, greens and a stevia, I also picked up a great new snack rice cakes and hummus-loving it!

I have a busy work week ahead of me but am hopefully that I'll get a few crafty posts up this week.

Happy Monday morning to everyone

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  1. well, photoshoots are much better on coffee =)

    here's to no rain tomorrow, and to a great workweek for you!