Friday, November 4, 2011

This Week

A little recap on what I've been up to this week

The Cleanse: I've learned a few things these first few days of the cleanse.
- i LOVE coffee-yeah that might be my coffee addiction talking. I haven't given in yet-but I do stare longingly at it every morning and can't wait for the cleanse to be over so I can have a nice soy latte.
-i get very crabby when hungry and that combined with a crazy 2 year old has made for a few frustrating mornings.
-i am living vicariously through my children-i made them choc chip banana pancakes this morning-neither one was really too interested in them

-i've been keeping busy with curtain orders. I love getting to see how all of them turn out and seeing how different they can all be. Working on some teal ones for a child's bedroom, a fun and funky Alexander Henry pattern for 4 panels, and a couple of others are on the shelf waiting for me.
-i haven't been quilting lately. I am SO behind in the quilting bee that i'm embarrassed. But I'm hoping to get those done and get started on Phin's bday quilt next week.
-i re-purposed this onesie and 4t dress into a dress for Phin for our family pics next week.
-i am continuously thinking of updates for our house, but without the money to follow through. My newest idea is to add a master bedroom upstairs over the kitchen(it would be perfect)

happy friday everyone!

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  1. How can kids not want choc chip banana pancakes?! It seems against the laws of physics to me. I'm also always thinking of updates for my house, but also have no money to spend on it. I've found I get some of my urges out if I start sketching out my ideas. Maybe try that and then show us what you're thinking? :)