Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I finally got my hands on a copy of the Fall 2010 Stitch Magazine and I wish I would have picked it up earlier(as always!). There are so many great projects in there, even quite a few using 1 yard or less of fabric-perfect for the holidays. But what I was so excited about was the section on Modern Quilting and the bios of some modern quilters. I already follow Ashley Newcomb's blog Film in the Fridge, but have found a couple of others to follow as well-I guess you can never read too many blogs!

The project that I fell in love with right away was the Boy's Cozy Pullover-you don't really get a chance to see as many fun projects for boys but this one is great and looks pretty easy to conquer. Here's a link to it HERE. (well you have to join to actually get the pattern-but it's free so why not!)

Happy Sewing!

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