Friday, April 29, 2011

Heck Yes or Hell No!

This is the quilt top I created out of some of the blocks I received from our Virtual Quilting Bee-I have about 3 left that I want to use for another project. Anyways I finally finished the front today and wanted to whip up a back....I couldn't find a pattern that I wanted to use exclusively for the back and then I got caught up playing with fat eighths and then I thought I'd make a completely different quilt, but then I thought that I should finish one before starting another(I have about 3 half finished right now) do you think I could use these together front and back? And yes I know that was a huge run-on sentence I've had way too many lattes and capps today :)

Please let me know your thoughts....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Pumped About this!

I don't know I couldn't think of something more clever to showcase my excitement. I have to give a big THANK YOU to Elaine( a very creative customer of mine) for jumping on this right away and sending it my way.....but like I said I am pumped to announce that Drawstring Studio will be a stop on the Oliver and S TRUNK SHOW!!!!!!!! The show will be instore Aug 5-14 and will showcase the Spring-Summer 2011 Items.

This will also be our official kickoff of caring Oliver and S Sewing Patterns...but I'll start carrying a few patterns earlier, but thought it'd be fun to have a launch party.

Feel free to click HERE to link to the Oliver and S website and I've added a sneak peek of what's on the way this summer courtesy of the Oliver and S website.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Big Thumbs Up for the US Postal Service and a little new fabric

for Going Green!

I was dropping off some packages at the local PO today and saw a flyer about these guys....The flyer told about the following things that got me a little giddy (yeah I'm a little crunchy if you didn't know)

Eco Friendly Packaging: First shipping company to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certification for packaging

Delivering on climate change: First Federal agency to publicly report greenhouse gas emissions and get third-party verification.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Has reduced its facility energy intensity more than 28% since 2003.

More info can be found HERE
So maybe you're not as excited about it as me, but hey why not pick up the stamps just because they're pretty cool anyways!

Oh yeah I also received a couple of fabrics so far this week with more coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From our Family to Yours

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! We sure did. Headpiece was a custom order from Dynamo

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just in Time for Tomorrow

I wish I would have thought of this earlier and done a post a week or two, but not the case. So I was at the store today and was trying to think of something non candy or toy related to give my kids and nephews tomorrow....I know it's not the most exciting thing but I modified the Valori Wells Placemat pattern(in the pic) and added a cute little bunny and voila! Easter easy and fast....I think this could easily be adapted to various holidays...hmmm maybe I'm starting a tradition here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Ordered

These fun home dec weight fabrics should be here in about two weeks! Don't worry I'll remind you when they come.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Better than I thought

I have to admit, sometimes I hate ordering some fabrics online...I've been burnt by not reading the fabric with the sticky back.

But this fabric came in today and I am in love with it. I can totally envision it as a duvet cover. Maybe I just have duvet covers on the brain-the Dowtown Montessori Academy (right down the street and where I'm thinking of sending E when he's old enough) is having a silent auction soon and I've donated a custom made duvet and two pillowcases-if only I could convince the person that wins it to pick this fabric. (sorry for the glare from the window)
Also I think I may have neglected to post the pic of this little reversible dress that I made for P. Pretty excited about how the geometric print translated on the dress.

Felt isn't only for Winter Crafting

I've had it stuck in my head for awhile now that Felt is only really used in winter months...yeah I'm not really sure why...I think I just associate it with warmth I guess. Anyways I was re-reading Stitch magazine for the 11th time and I came across the Felt Pillow tutorial. I ran into the store and whipped this pillow up in no time-possibly might be having a beginner class with this one-anyone interested? It's a great way to utilize our woolfelt for home accessories.

Sidenote: sorry for the bad picture quality-our cameras gone missing, but I may have to hire my SIL to be my blog photographer-she may be deterred by the fact that our budget is small :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Bag for My Little Guy

As soon as I unpacked this elephant fabric I knew I wanted to do something with it. It didn't take me long to find the messenger bag pattern in One Yard Wonders and get to work-seriously only took me about 30 minutes to make-Love it! Sorry for the blurry pic...hard to get this little guy to stand still

Joining us soon

These are a few of the fabrics that are on their way to the shop! Daisy Janie Shades of Grey is also shipping late this week as well as a few other fabrics from Free Spirit.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm in Love

With this amazing cute. The pattern is from Sarah Waterhouse, a UK Textile Designer. She does amazing work...check out her website HERE.

The company is run by Sarah Waterhouse who designs all the collections and prints every piece of fabric by hand using water based inks. AND she only prints on HEMP and ORGANIC COTTON....yeah I may need to pick some of this up from her etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Block #2 for Claire

This was my second attempt for the VQB Block for Claire. I really enjoyed making this one...once I got past the fact that blue and yellow were my high school colors(and funny enough Claire's as well....we both went to the same high school at different times-small world you say!) Headed out in the mail today.

Have you heard?

*****Time has be set**** Thurs May 5th 6-8:30 You can RSVP on our FB page HERE

Gracie Designs is coming to our store. Are you familiar with Gracie Designs...if have to check out her website RIGHT NOW. She's a WI girl that does amazing things with fabric-I love her style and fabric choices are wonderful. Well I twisted her arm(well not really-I just emailed her-but it makes a better story) and she is coming down to the store on Thursday May 5th. Stop by...take a look...enjoy some beverages...and find something for your self, your mom(Mother's Day will be right around the corner) or anyone else you can think of. That is if I don't buy everything from her before you guys get here. We're firming up the details on time...but should have it posted here in a day or so.

Spread the word and come support handmade.

Here are a couple pics from her Etsy page

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pattern Palooza

Yep that's what I'm calling it...they came in today and I'm too excited not to share. I wanted to rip open one of the gnome patterns immediately and whip some up but I showed some restraint...well for now anyways :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Virtual Quilting Bee Block

Here's the block I whipped up at the store today...I like it...don't love it but it was a learning process...the fabrics came without a pattern just a block to reference...but it was fun once I finally decided to just cut the fabric and dig in!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coming in soon

These home decor weight fabrics should be here next week and I'm hoping about 25 new patterns will be here by are a few...sorry it's a long one!