Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog World vs Real World

UPDATE SUNDAY! I think this might make a bit more sense.

I've been sewing a lot today which is great because I love sewing and I'm finally getting caught up from being out sick the past few days. Sewing gives me time to think about things-my day, my goals, lots of things...well today I was thinking about the blogs I read and follow.

Do you ever find a blog that just resonates with you, you feel like if this person lived by you, you'd be BFFs-yup I used BFFs :), you're amazed at how similar you are and sometimes even strive to be like them....then there's that one post-the one that leaves you with your mouth hanging think what-or you did what? Um no! It's funny how you think you can know all about someone from their blog and then you can suddenly see a post like that and it's kind of like a slap in the face-it makes you think about things. I think it's funny how we think we can know all about a person without sometimes ever having actually met them. Maybe that's just me but my heart always sinks just a little bit when this happens to me, when someone's not who I expected or made them to be in my mind. But then I pick myself up and decide if I still want to continue to read the blog-usually it s a resounding YES. I've found that if it's not something that I find totally immoral or hurts other people, I need to leave myself open to understanding other people's beliefs and morals. Plus it's not like the whole blog is centered around that whole aspect so I can live with a little bit of something I don't necessarily agree with-by reading it I find I might have more compassion or understanding of other. I mean don't get me wrong there have been some blogs where I just can't bring myself to read about their crafts or recipes anymore when I find the person themselves is hurtful to other people. But I also have found myself respecting someone for their deep beliefs and conviction in things. Anyone else ever have this kind of experience or is it just me?

In life I find that I tend to associate with people that believe the same things I do or gravitate towards the same ideals and morals, but as I grow into myself I've found that it s sometimes helpful to carry the company of people that view things differently and can broaden my thinking. That is if these people can have conversations about topics without hurt feelings, harsh words, or resentment. I also in turn in  the blog world-find myself bookmarking or following blogs of people that have different but interesting ideas with the same guidelines as my real life friends. Do I give more lee-way to my blog "friends" than my real life?

It also makes me think about our Country today and how most people are hard set in politics either one party or another-I personally think it's starting to tear us apart and at the same time I really don't see it being resolved any time soon. Yet my husband has one friend that I really admire for being able to look past party lines and really look at the validity of what the candidates have to say, their plans, and ultimately make his decisions that way-I hope that someday I can do that-but sad to say I am currently stuck in my ways-so still part of the problem.

Ok so that was a lot of talk and no pics-sorry for that-I hope it all makes sense-it made sense in my head, but hey I'm on antibiotics, have had a lot of coffee today and generally just scatter-brained.


  1. That makes complete sense. It's easier to relate to people who have the same beliefs as you, and when someone shows up who has different ideas, it can be a jarring experience. My current boyfriend is like that. No major belief differences, more like the way he thinks about things is completely different than my way, and I've found out a lot of the time, his way of thinking is easier than mine. I've learned a lot about myself because of him, and have grown a lot as well.

  2. Interesting. I actually found that most of my blogs I follow are of people that are nothing like me. Some are, of course, but some are complete opposites. Maybe its because when it comes to crafts, I just see what's in front of me? And if there's something else, I just skim by it. But then again, if someone was constantly posting politica on their blog and it was against my view, or parenting philosophy that was opposite mine, maybe I'd feel different?

  3. So I added to this post-the more I thought about it today-I really just wanted to get across that I find it funny sometimes that when reading blogs I develop a lifestyle and personality for them in my mind without really even knowing them-am I the only one?

  4. I totally do that too.