Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Only Way I Know How

What's that giant thing you ask? Well that's the giant chalk calendar that I created today with Chalk Cloth, Teal Duct Tape and Chalk. We're trying to work on our budget and I just can't get a handle on the bills. I finally came up with this-I'm such a visual person and I'm super excited about this. It's going to be there out in the open for me to stare at every day and not be able to ignore anymore. I really don't care if anyone and everyone that comes over sees it-I mean I've never claimed to be a millionaire or anything and maybe putting it out there for everyone to see might make me deal with it. Plus I can actually see what's coming in and going out. Anyone else have any special ways that they deal with their financials?


  1. It looks like a great idea! I think it helps with us to keep up with our budget using cash, and when we charge that's when we loose track. Its always a constant struggle here too!

  2. We used to write our bills on the calendar too, but then we just got careless and stopped. I think we need to start again - it really helped.

  3. I do this same thing but on my works calender, As the bills and receivables come in I write them down. I use Saturday for our grocery and gas budget and I have started printing one up for my husband as well so we are both aware of our financials. Being self employed it helps both of us know what day of the week it is and when we need to push to get product out and checks in:)