Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

So I've had a bit of a delay in the slew of posts I've had planned for this week...manily due to the lack of internet at the store-which thankfully I remedied today!!!! Hello broadband. But these are the things I've learned along the way to getting where I'm at right now....
-Having no internet SUCKS, especially when you sell things online
-Figuring out what type and who you want to go thru for internet is entirely way too complicated
-the people who work at Best Buy near the cell phones have serious ADD-they just walk off when they are helping people, totally making the process longer
-The people at Verizon are nice, but I have no idea if they even helped me or if my broadband just decided to work
-I dont' think having Ethan in the store with me is going to work, even if it's only one day a week-I can only give him so many things to entertain himself

Ok I think that's enough of a little rant about the process of getting internet. All in all everything is A-OK and I can start listing items again and ordering.

So check back for some interviews-I'm a bit behind and have a couple of great ladies that I want to feature soon! (If you are a crafter or want to recommend a crafter to be featured, drop me a line at drawstringstudio [at] gmail DOT com)

Adios for now-I have to run and try to get my ad in before the deadline :)

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