Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Million Different Directions

I don't know if it's the fact that it's the end of summer, stress or finally an urge to finally get organized, whatever it is I think I'm finally realizing that life becomes a lot easier when you focus your energy and get organized. Now this pretty much goes against everything I've ever done in my life but I think simplifying my life will in turn make it....well simplified! Oh and organized. I've read Simplicity Parenting a couple of times now and always say that I'm going to follow through on many of the ideas on there...well I've taken toys into the basement but have had a hard time throwing them away, but am beginning to realize my son doesn't even miss them. Well you may be thinking "why is she telling me about this" and the answer is that I realize I have the same issue when it comes to fabric...I hold on to things forever! Hence the bins of fabric and scraps I have. I'm gong to TRY and use some of the concepts of the book, to clear out some of the clutter and pieces that I haven't been getting rid of but honestly won't use them in the near future.

Does anyone else have this issue? I can just picture myself on that Hoarders tv show in 10 years with a house full of fabric...oh I see it now....but at the same time I guess it's better to have a house full of fabric than a house full of cats or birds or something-although that would make better news....anyways just my random thought for the day...take it as you wish.


  1. I have started donating my scraps and pieces of fabric I won't use to young girls just learning to sew. Many of my friends have 8-14 year old daughters that like to play around with sewing to make doll clothes and try out things for themselves.

  2. Only save scraps that are enough to make determine what that is, in my college costume shop we were told only save it if there is enough to make collar and cuffs. Also I have five boxes for scraps (you can organize by color, size, fabric type-whatever works for you and however many you have room for) and then train yourself to not start any new boxes. So if you have something new to add to a box and it is full, you have to toss some of it. Some churches have ongoing quilt projects you could donate to, or perhaps you could try senior centers.