Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ramping Up Our Bathroom

I'm been on a kick lately to want to keep working on our house...we're on a tight budget though so I'm having to be a bit creative and give items facelifts rather than renovate. Don't worry I won't be talking about all of our crazy and hopefully creative house projects-I'm actually working on a blog debut of Finishing Our Starter House, but I'll let you know when it's ready to go.

Anyways I digress....our downstairs bathroom. It's right off of the kitchen and is the bathroom that our friends and family use. When we moved in it had floral paneling-not since we didn't have the budget to tear it down we did the next best thing...we painted it a chocolate brown. It kind of has an embossed look to it I guess. Anyways I'm trying to do one room at a time and since the bathroom is the smallest-it's first. Here's my plan....

Shower Curtain....Zippy by Premier Prints
Window treatment so cover up the wood blind that I got on sale from Target-totally too small but I was too stubborn to take it back....Robert Kaufman Print

Our Mirror...we just have an oval mirror there right now and am trying to decide if I want to find a oval picture frame and spray paint it or find some seashells or sand dollars or some little knick knacky thing and glue them onto a template to create a frame around the mirror. I'm a little worried about dust with option two-our house was built in 1890 and there is just always the presence of dust with a house that old.

Ok so those are my preliminary thoughts-now I've got to get to work and make some progress. Justin is taking the kids for a bit after I'm down with work so I plan on either working on the bathroom or making choc chip zucchini bread(we have two HUGE zucchinis from our CSA).

Also a big apology to anyone that's come in recently and left thinking I was on drugs....well I was on drugs...tons of cold medicine and I swear it made me loopy and nutso-hopefully this cold heads out of our house soon...really I'm not always that crazy :)

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