Thursday, September 1, 2011

Branching Out!

So I've always done custom work when asked by customers but I am now excited to announce that I am now offering custom curtains and window treatments via MadeByDrawstring on Etsy. I will be adding more fabrics to the listings in the next few days but almost every fabric I have in the store can be requested for custom curtains. Pricing for 2- 42"x84" Rod Pocket Unlined Panels runs $50-$75. And as an introductory offer you can get 10% off with PROMO CODE "BRANCH".

I am truly excited to start bringing these made items to the shop-I love fabric and I love the way that curtains can totally transform a room. I've had so many people come into my shop and say "I love your fabrics and wish I sewed"....well not you don't have to...I'll do the work for you!

Thank you!

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