Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Compassion this Halloween

We had our neighborhood trick or treat last night and I was reflecting on it this morning and wanted to share the following thoughts...take it for whatever you will.....we live in the city and are near areas that are "not as fortunate" as us, I'm not going to say not as nice because I know a lot of those neighborhoods are very nice and people take a lot of pride keeping them up, but many of them do have less money than us. Because those neighborhoods did not have a trick or treat in the their area, they came to our neighborhood. The person I was a few years ago would have made comments about how rude it was and that no one should do that-But maybe it's having kids or having some financial pains myself, but I'm glad they came. I bet to some of those kids it made their week or even month and they may be talking about it for awhile. I know it was just candy, but they had so much fun and trick or treating is something that every kid should have the opportunity to do since it's not a matter of whether their parents can afford it or not. Do I wish I had handed out apples instead-heck yes-but could I afford to hand out over 100 organic apples-sadly no....but maybe next year.

So from my flock to yours....Happy Halloween!


  1. adorable flock. I think we had extra trick or treaters because it's supposed to rain today!

    Normally, I would have been annoyed--especially by the teenagers without a costume. This year, I decided to be glad that of all the trouble teenagers can get in to--they are only trick or treating with no costume.

  2. We had a blast joining you on your street. It was busy but happy chaos!! Thx for the invite :)