Monday, June 7, 2010

checking items off the list!

Today was a busy and for the most part productive day in terms of getting closer to being able to set a date for the GRAND OPENING of drawstring studio fabric & design. I've been meaning to get a lot of little tasks done and kept putting them off until today-FINALLY!

Plus I added a few new items to our etsy shop

Also please become a fan on Facebook HERE to stay updated on the latest fabrics coming in, featured projects and giveaways,a s well as featured artists and crafters(I hope to feature my first crafter shortly).

I also started cutting and organizing some bundles for the Urban Garage Sale that drawstring studio is going to have a booth at on June 19th! You can find out more info HERE. We're not only going to have fabric by the yard, cut bundles, patterns, but also hope to have wallets and gift card holders if I can get my sewing machine back up and running soon. This will be our first real meeting and introduction to the people of Milwaukee-so I'm super excited. Now we're just going to be in a mad dash to get out marketing materials together for the show.

I am also going to try to schedule our inspector back out late this week so fingers crossed that we get the final green light!

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