Thursday, June 17, 2010

Urban Garage Sale and Teaming Up with Some Very Talented Ladies

So if you are a facebook fan of drawstring studio you've seen me already mentioning this, but I thought I'd give it another plug because I'm so excited about it. We are going to have a booth at the Urban Garage Sale this Saturday at Turner Hall, doors are open from 10:30-4pm and there are going to be so many great deals from a variety of local shops. Our booth will be on the second floor so if you do get a chance to stop by make sure to venture up the stairs to see us. I've been cutting fabric for bundles and getting all of the inventory ready this week. I'm going to debue the checkbook covers there too before putting them on Etsy. Plus if you bring in the flyer, you get $1 off admission. Click here for the flyer

In other news we passed our occupancy inspections and have gotten the verbal ok to open!!!! I will get the official notice in the mail in a few weeks. We're now on the search for shelving that meets the idea I have in mind, yet isn't too too expensive.

I've had the opportunity to join forces with a couple of crafty ladies recently and am excited about what is to come from that. I teamed up with Sara from Sasa Originals to have her create some of her hot/cold animals using some fabrics from our store. I hope to get one in the mail this week so that I can raffle it off on Saturday. Sara makes some amazing kids items-you should check her out-this is one of her owls-meet Betsy!

Also check out So You Think You're Crafty starting on Saturday and look for some fabric from our shop-these ladies always have such great ideas-vote for your favorite-they're down to the last two crafters!!!!

I'm hoping to interview both Sara from Sasa Originals and my mystery partner from So You Think You're Crafty in the near future to give you a better look into what they do.

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