Monday, June 21, 2010

Cutting Fabric

So I wanted to take a moment and explain my philosophy of cutting fabric for the shop and customers. Sometimes when our bolts come in the first cut can be a little rough. The end cut by the manufacturer isn't always(usually isn't) straight and as a fabric store owner I had to decide how to deal with that. I could have just cut off 2"-5" to create a straight line and have this random scrap of fabric or I could cut the yardage and give the customer that extra piece. I chose the later because honestly I don't want that random piece of fabric hanging around here and I'd rather someone else get a little extra that they might be able to use than let it go to waste-hope you don't mind!

So if you bought some fabric this weekend you might notice the cut isn't as straight as normal, but you should have received a little extra than what was labeled-

On a completely different note: our Robert Kaufman organics-prints and solids have been delayed but we hope to have them in any day now along with the daisy janie organics....

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