Thursday, May 26, 2011

Call Me Crazy, Call Me Lazy, Call Me What You Want

I've had this quilt pieced together for awhile now and Sat when a customer of mine came in and was putting together a few fabrics in here I became re-inspired to finish this. I love the combination of colors and patterns and the simplicity of the quilt. I did a simple quilting on it and am beginning to realize that I prefer straight lines and simple quilting on my pieces-I guess that means I have a style of quilting! Yeah for me.

Anyways I decided to zigzag stitch the edges together before binding and about halfway through I started to admire the zigzag and decided that I'm not going to bind it...not sure if this just makes me lazy, but I want to see how it washes and if I still like it....if not then I'll just add a binding. If I do like it...who knows maybe I'll just do all of my quilts this way.

Anyone else know of anyone that does this? Do you think I'm crazy????


  1. I do love it! I love the clean look of it!
    I am not a quilter. I'd love to try one, though.

  2. I like it too. It just kind of floats off, like and infinity pool or something.... I think you may have something here! Be sure to post after its washed too.

  3. I washed it and had to trim some of the fraying, but not bad-I'll take a follow up pic soon!