Thursday, May 26, 2011

Duvet or not to Duvet?

When I first Saw this patten in the Daisy Janie collection I knew I wanted to showcase it in some sort of home dec application-at the time I was thinking curtains, but after thinking about it for a little bit-I decided it would be even better as a duvet cover. I've found duvet covers to be a great and fairly inexpensive way to change a room around without having to paint or do anything major.

This duvet came together fairly quickly and it's a pretty easy project-the only issue that I had is that it is a large amount of fabric to be working with so I learned it was best to pin, pin and pin some more to keep everything in place while sewing. I also decided that instead using buttons for the closure I'd experiment with snap twill tape-glad I did-LOVE it! Well except for trying to sew it on, but I think I prefer this to buttons and it gives you a better finished closure in my opinion(again take it with a grain of salt).

I've had this project finished for a couple of weeks, but have been waiting for some Monaluna fabric to come in to make pillows to go with it-but I couldn't wait any longer, so here you go!

Unfortunately the pic is a little blurry-I have my camera now, but the USB cord has disappeared-did I mention that my son has entered the hoarding phase of his life? I'll download a better pic when I find it.(I found the cord-yeah!!!!!)

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