Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Best Friend

I've always been pretty bad at finishing quilts-I love putting together the fabric combinations and design but then I hate pinning and binding...hence why many of my quilts are unfinished.

I finally decided to try Basting Spray and I have now finished two quilts...well I still haven't bound one of them but hey it's a big step for me.

Here are my thoughts on basting spray for what it's worth...
-It's really good for beginner quilters or people that don't have a lot of patience to pin
-I always, ALWAYS find wrinkles and creases after the fact when I pin-I avoided this with spray basting because I could smooth it out
-they say is has no odor-well 'they' are lying, there is a smell to it-it's not necessarily overwhelming but it wasn't a pretty smell either

So far it has enough benefits for me to stick with it...has anyone else had any issues with it that I haven't discovered yet?

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