Saturday, May 14, 2011

When life gives you lemons

Make a cute little dress out of it! This fabric was screaming spring/summer to me and I needed a little cheering up after the rainy cold days we've been having here(well there was one day in the 80s-just one). I used this new fabric from Monaluna and the Bubble Dress pattern from Oliver and S. The pattern was pretty easy to follow and I got it done in a day-plus I even prewashed the fabric which anyone that's ever talked to me knows that is something I rarely used to do.
I also made a cute pair of big butt baby pants for E with the new Helicopter fabric, and I'd post a pic but he grabbed them instantly and was wearing them within minutes. They look like the most comfortable pants ever and I plan on making him a couple more pairs. You can go to Rae's website to get your own pdf copy of the pattern HERE.

Don't worry for those of you not interested in kids clothes-I also made a duvet cover that I'm pretty excited about that I'll show next week.

Have a great weekend-hope you stay out of the rainy weather(if you're getting it too), but if you have to go out you should take a look at this cute rain boot liners that were showcased on Etsy this week-love them! Plus the designer has a soft spot in my heart since she went to AI-Seattle too. SLUGS CAN BE FOUND HERE

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  1. cute! i love Rae's big butt baby pants- i think i have made 6 pairs for Rai now! i think i better start making some shorts, warm weather will come again, right?