Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My 2 Cents

So I've been realizing more and more lately that I am so truly lucky to have the customers that I have. They keep my life interesting, share their projects and their lives with me and I feel as though many of them have become friends.

I also think that support is a two way street so I'd like to show some support for some of my great customers that have businesses of their own and continue to support me...take a gander

Robyn Vining Photography and Ticklebugs Photography
Robyn takes some of the most amazing photos and is so extremely creative...She came up with this idea and took this pic of P for us(one of the many photos we fell in love with from that day)
copyright RobynViningPhotgraphy

Under the Apply Tree
Courtney is a great resource is you're thinking about use cloth diapers or learning more about them. Wouldn't it be great if she opened a store selling cloth diapers in the area-just a little nudge from me :)

Mabel and Me
Ok so I know I just talked about Emma and how great her items are, but seriously she makes the cutest dresses and most durable sandwich bags-E has not even been able to put a dent in the bag and that's pretty big if you know my 2 year old(or any for that matter)

Generations in Style and October Designs

Jenna and her mom Dawn are a great example of the idea that style is hereditary. They come in and work together to pick great fabrics and have such unique ideas of how to put everything together. Generations in Style features cute dresses and other baby items. I can't wait to start buying some for P. October Designs has graphic announcements geared towards adopted children-what a great idea!

Ok that's it for me tonight-tomorrow I'll be posting a project I whipped up today-just have to wash it first.

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  1. dude, THANKS!

    My business is a pretty big fan of your business, too!

    I love that pic of P. Love it. So sweet. What a sweet girl.