Thursday, June 2, 2011

Something Old and Something New Make Something New but not in Blue

I was getting the itch to do a little repurposing today so I stopped at my local thrift store on the way to work and picked up some great textiles and linens oh and the cutest little rocking chair that I'm going to spray paint-score for me today!

Anyways I picked up a vintage pillowcase and since P is too small for a pillowcase dress, I decided to make a skirt out of it. I wanted to make the fewest alterations possible but the length of the skirt was just going to be too short for my taste plus it was pretty see-through. I paired it with the brown dot that I have in the store and I love it. The brown dot has a retro feel to me so I think they complement each other nicely. It's a double layer skirt and I hope the two layers show a little more when it's being worn.

I totally made it up as I went, which isn't always the best plan for me, but it worked out and I finished it really quickly. Might even do a tutorial on this one.

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  1. What thrift store do you go to? I've been looking for a good one in the area!