Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can you smell it?

The Highlander Grogg we're brewing that is. I don't know why, but there's just something about the holidays that calls for some yummy Highlander Grogg coffee-if you're not familiar here's the description on the Berres Brothers website  "Indulgently sweet, richly enticing...an explosion of caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut." YES! I wholeheatedly agree with the description. I have found that one of the perks from working at home is this coffee just steps away from me at all times-

I also tried out this recipe today that I found via pinterest and am loving them-I made them with carob chips instead of chocolate because they were on sale at our co-op and next time I think I'll add some craisins-but excellent non-the-less and paired with my coffee I'll be ready to work for hours now :)

I'm hoping to post this week about our plan for the holidays and less consumerism and more homemade

gifts and family memories.


  1. LOVE Berres Brothers!!! My Mother in Law just retired from there a few months back. Her niece is married to one of the brothers. She used to seal up empty single serve pouches and bring them home. My kids loved playing with those as babies! Have you tried Packer Perc?

  2. I haven't tried it-I love the highlander grogg so much that I'm afraid to try anything else-it's like when you like a dish at a restaurant and never want to order something else....maybe someday :)

  3. oh and i ate all of these darn cookies-didn't even tell the hubs they were there