Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not even THREE yet

Our son doesn't turn 3 until March-yet today we were at a school tour and submitted an application for enrollment. Only a few months ago I would have thought this was crazy-that is until I started talking to people about schools. We live in a city that has a couple of different school options-we have chosen(for a variety of reasons, which I will share with you if you are interested-just email me) to send our son to a Montessori based program. There are two in our immediate area-one is a private charter school and the other part of the the public school system. We are applying to both and then weighing our options-both are hard to get into-so fingers are crossed!!!! We also know people that have children at both schools and love it.

The thing that came up today is the size of the school we toured. It was small. They like that they have a small school. I liked the school...but my husband brought up a good point. He went to a small school-now don't get me wrong-his experience was very different-he went to a Catholic school in a suburban neighborhood. He is lucky because he met some of his best friends there that he still talks to, but at the same time-he disliked that it was such a small school. Granted I think some of that may be the extreme lack of diversity there. Which in turn both schools in our area are more diverse. Other main issue for us is that 3k is not covered by the state at the Charter school-yeah it's expensive but is it worth it???????? Sidenote: we still need to tour the other school.

Ok sorry for my random babbling....just had to get it out of my head.


  1. well, you know where i think you should go... ;) they are both great schools! it is a scary decision and you are so smart to be doing your research now. you may want to add highland community to your search, i have heard a ton of good things from there!

  2. Seriously? The state doesn't cover the charter school???
    My husband went to a small school, too and had an experience similar to your hub's (except it wasn't Catholic. and I am guessing there was some diversity, given the location). However, I don't think it was his elementary experience that shaped him so much as his HS. So there's that.
    Thankfully you have time to weigh your options and chew on it for a bit.

  3. I should expand on the cost-the state covers starting at 4k for the school-not 3k...but we want to try to get in somewhere at 3K just because if we don't get in for 3k we can try again for 4k-ahhhhhhhhh

  4. Ha, here in Mequon there's no public 3K or 4K whatsoever! So count yourself lucky that you even get 4K covered. : ) (This is what we get for moving someplace with lower taxes ...) Good luck getting in and/or deciding! My youngest turns 3 in April and will start preschool in the fall. Hard to believe!