Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Homemade Holiday

We tried to make this holiday as homemade as possibly and succeeded for the most part although I did get sucked into a few sales but I'd like to share a few handmade gifts some by me and some we bought made by others....

By me...
This year our budget was tight-I mean TIGHT and we had to cut down on gifts quite a bit and try to get somewhat creative. I made these for both E and P and they were a huge hit-I'm seriously even thinking about making one for myself-so comfortable! Plus they were pretty easy to make-I made one for my nephew in Nov for his birthday so I was able to whip them out somewhat quickly. Tutorial HERE  

I also turned into a baker extraordinaire-well not really but I kind of felt like it after making homemade Dulce de Leche(from Elsie Marley) and these super yummy Hazelnut Nutella thumbprint cookies oh and nutella fudge-yeah I think I have a nutella addiction).
By others....

I was browsing etsy late one night and came across this awesome shirt-anyone that had met our son has probably heard him RAWR-it's his go to when he's being shy or nervous-yup he RAWRS instead of talking-too cute.

I also finally purchased a pair of these shoes for P that I've been eyeing up forever-they're super cute, made by someone local(bonus) and even stay on her feet

 Hope everyone had a great holiday and didn't get what I am calling the "holiday hangover" like I did. Seriously I think I need to move somewhere warmer-I did up my Vitamin D though and it seems to help.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope your little girl loves the shoes, and let me know if/when you need a larger size! :)