Monday, December 19, 2011

I did it!

So everything came together for Saturday and our little girl had a great 1st birthday. The theme was colors of the rainbow and after about a 10 minute discussion between me and my husband-I can say we've figured out what color indigo is-crazy huh he works at a paint store and I have an interior design degree and neither one of us was quite sure what color indigo was :)   The theme was built off of the shirt that I made for P with a "1" on it and it went from there- and our cupcakes were even yellow and choc with vanilla frosting and ROYGBIV shimmer dust-courtesy of big brother E. I wasn't crazy enough to try to do the rainbow layer cake-too much pressure. We kept things easy and ordered pizza for dinner but also kept it local and ordered from a great pizza place just down the street, Classic Slice, seriously if you ever are in Bay View, get some of their pizza, the chunky chicken is my fav. Anyways, it was a much more low key party than Ethan's first but it was spent with close family and we all had a great time(or atleast I think we did!) Oh and there's some random chocolate zebra print that I had that seemed to break up the craziness of all the colors.

I'll get into the tutorials for some of the crafts and why we ended up giving up on some and moving on to others, but thanks to everyone on here and FB for the support-gotta love all the crafty people out there :)

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