Friday, August 20, 2010

A Few Things I've Been Working On

I kept forgetting to bring my camera to the store all this week, but FINALLY forced myself to remember today. I've been working on these two project this week and am just waiting for my binding to come in to get them finished up(I don't make my own binding-seems too time consuming and difficult for me).

Anyways, this first project is a little quilt pattern that I found in a mag a couple of months ago. I have since lost the mag/can't figure out which mag the pattern is in, but the great thing about this pattern is that it's SO easy. I'm really excited to see how this one turns out after being washed. The edges of the circles have been purposely left undone so that the fabric frays a bit when washed. On the back I chose a simple black and cream circle pattern to round out the design concept. I think this one is going to be the piece I donate for the Gracie's Ride Auction.

The second project is something I came up with to showcase a few fabrics in the store. We just got in the floral print and usually I'm not a floral fan, but I thought if I coupled it with the steel and ivory fabrics, it would give it a more modern feel. I love how this one turned out-it's not something I would normally do for myself and I think that's part of the reason I love it. On the back I chose the Cloud 9 Organic sandpiper print.

So that's what I've been working on lately-what have you been up to?

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  1. I LOVE the square quilt. right now, my fabric is just sitting here, saying "get with it, girl"! (my fabric has a different vernacular than I do) so until I do anything with it, I will enjoy looking at pictures of what you made. For my bday - my friend who is new to sewing made me a dop kit for all of my toiletries. It is big made with a heavy green fabric and I LOVE IT!!!