Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learning to Work with PUL

I recently decided that I would venture into making/creating some wet bags and reusable lunch bags. I found some PUL online at wholesale pricing and waited for it to arrive. Well it arrived yesterday and I thought-piece of cake-just sew it together and I'm done! That's not really how it worked out at all...the fabric is a bit temperamental since it's a bit slippery and I quickly gave up for the day...after having to break out my trusty seam ripper to undo what I had done for the day...tomorrow is a new day to tackle it-plus I found a great blog that has some tricks to dealing with it.

But I thought I'd share with everyone out there a bit of info about PUL-especially if you are sitting there asking yourself what the he** is PUL.

In a nutshell...PUL, otherwise known as polyurethane laminated fabric, is a lot more technical than just a plastic backing on fabric. The original application is the medical field, and it is still used for this purpose. Like cloth diapers, it is used to replace disposable products with reusable. It provides the waterproof barrier needed in the medical field that can survive multiple institutional washings. The laminate can also be autoclaved, which is a very high heat steam sterilization process, to make it safe for reuse even after it comes into contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

It can used for a variety of sewing projects....reusable lunch bags, wet bags, menstrual pads, cloth diapers, bibs, changing pads, and more!

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