Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So Many Projects, So Many Ideas

So owning a fabric store is great, but I also am getting overwhelmed with ideas for projects and have been eyeing up fabrics all day!

Here is a list of the projects I plan to get started on in the near future...

From the One Yard Wonders Book(avail in the store)

The Bird Mobile-Perfect for the Baby's New Room, I am just trying to decide on a fabric-I think I might go with the Geo Grand organic cotton collection since it has some great contrasting light and dark and it somewhat gender neutral(probably will go with the brown and cream pattern)

Next of the list is the Covered Up Laptop Satchel/Bag Pattern(avail in store). We really need a fun laptop bag that is gender neutral so that my husband will be willing to carry it around too!

I think I might use one of the new Monaluna fabric that I just got in(also organic)

or maybe I'll wait until later this week when this comes in...

I also want to get started on the pillowcases I plan on making for the pillowcase drive(PLEASE if you would be willing to make one and donate it-even if you do not live locally email me and I'll give you details and let you know where to get some free patterns-drawstringstudio@gmail.com)

I'm not exactly sure what fabrics I'm going to utilize, but I already have some finished in the store for the window display.

That's what I'm working on-what's on your list of projects?

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