Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

So I came across Lee and her blog Freshly Pieced recently and thought her WIP Wednesdays would be a great way to keep track of my without further ado this is what I've been working on....

The Farmer's Wife QAL...yeah I haven't made any progress on these, I just have 4 blocks done, but I really do plan to get caught up soon.

The Courtyard Maze quilt by Olive Tree Textiles. I wanted to try this out myself before ordering the patterns for the store and I have cut almost all of my fabric and have started piecing the basic blocks.
image from olive tree textiles

Kona solids challenge. Well I FINALLY went to one of the Milwaukee Quilt Guild meetings and I received a charm pack of Kona basics to do a project. This was a new concept to me since I usually work with lots of prints and very very few solids, but I've embraced it and am even excited about it. I played around pretty quickly and decided to do a spectrum quilt and came up with this quilt block(yeas I'm sure it's not original but hey I didn't use a pattern or look anywhere-ha it will probably be one of my next blocks I have to do for the Farmers Wife)
I also finished my block for Anna for the Drawstring was fun, pretty simple and I enjoyed the color palette-
I also made a dress of of fat quarters for P, but it's hideous oh and I tried to make board shorts for E, but after much seam ripping, I finally got them together and yeah there is no way they are supposed to fit a two year old. disastrous :)

Anyways my blogging may be limited for awhile...our computer is having issues and I either have to type blind or hold the screen with one hand...we're sending it out to be fixed soon since I can't live like this anymore!

So go check out what everyone else is working on too! Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday


  1. Your Courtyard Maze is lovely, and I like where you're going with your other blocks! You're a busy bee!

  2. Danielle! It's good to see you here! : ) Your Courtyard Maze quilt is just beautiful. Can't wait to see what you're doing with your Kona squares!

    I didn't realize you have a fabric store. I will definitely get down to Bayview sometime and check it out!